Prep School

This exciting and dynamic 5-piece party band hails from Delaware. Fronted by Samantha Seider, an area favorite, Prep School mixes superb musicianship and impeccable vocals, with energy and charisma to spare. With a perfect mix of pop, rock and dance, Prep School will keep you dancing all night long. Take yourself back to high school and relish a show like none other with Prep School!

Meet The Band

Sam “Strat” Seider (Vocals)

Sam’s typical day: watching Gilmore Girls, drinking coffee, daydreaming of owning a Jeep, sending dog videos to Viper. She eats a bag of Tostitos a week and only cooks on Mondays. When she’s not veggin’ and eating Tostitos, she’s bringing acoustic music to your town. Check it out ya’ll! With a sort of “Katarina Stratford” persona, Sam brings all the sass and attitude to every show!

Jeff “Viper” Trone (Guitar)

Greg “Blue” Mele (Bass)

That quiet kid. Not the biggest fan of the classroom but he hangs around anyway, usually daydreaming. In his free time Greg enjoys tinkering with anything he can get a hold of; he’s quite the handy man. He likes reading, walking through the woods, and listening to music, ranging anywhere from jazz to black metal to 60’s French pop. His favorite school pastimes include sitting alone in the cafeteria, reading the history textbook in math class, and “accidentally” setting off the fire alarm during snow storms. Somewhat of a chameleon of the bass guitar, he can adapt his playing style to compliment nearly any genre of music.

JC “Slayter” Leahy (Vocals)

If there’s a party, one person you know will be in attendance is JC Slayter! This captain of the football team and varsity letterman knows how to have a good time on and off the field. But don’t be deceived by his burly stature; this jock is also on the honor roll and at the head of his class! The only rival to JC’s love of sports is music. Starting off singing in talent shows and playing in garage bands, he has honed his skills and had many great opportunities to perform in clubs all along the east coast. As much fun as it is being on stage, JC’s favorite part is all of the new friends he gets to make during his travels. No matter what your music taste, chances are he’ll know a little something for you! So the next show you’re at, make sure to let JC Slayter know you’re ready to get wacky and wild and he’ll take care of the rest!

Dan “Goose” Getty (Drums)

A hip, heart-pounding combination of action, music and incredible aerial photography” helped make Dan Getty the blockbuster hit of 1986! Dan Getty is a drummer from Wilmington, Delaware currently based in Philadelphia. He graduated from Berklee College of Music in August 2017, where he studied with Kenwood Dennard (Sting, Jaco Pastorious, Maceo Parker) and Bob Gullotti (The Fringe) . Dan is very passionate about drumming, but he also enjoys long walks to Wawa, and VHS collecting. He currently owns 29 copies of Top Gun.

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